Know The Right One For You Between Apple Vs. Android

When it comes to the never ending debate on Android versus Apple, you need to decide whether you want quantity or quality? This choice can make a big difference in the PC and mobile market because you deal with either secure software or virus and a smooth install or system crash. Many of you might be overwhelmed with the fast developing android market with all new and exciting features. A few others may love the classic iPhone and its great quality of services.

A take on Android

Android has a huge reach to the commoners in the fact that the massive number of apps that can be downloaded for free are also available outside the marketplace. Developers find it easier to test and launch customized apps on Android market and make it available for download to the world instantly. But there have been issues regarding the safety regimen since frequent virus attacks keep making the files corrupted. Although with the amount of fun it provides such risks are quite tolerable with a bit of safety knowledge beforehand.

Apple’s stand

With the apple’s marketplace, iTunes things are comparatively more under control. Everything that goes around in the Apple market has to be reviewed by their authenticated developers before it is released. The only problem with it comes to find decent apps for complex tasks which does not cost a fortune.

Most first-time smartphone buyers go for a Samsung but one fifth of Android users are switching to Apple

Most first-time smartphone buyers go for a Samsung but one fifth of Android users are switching to Apple

Take a closer look to understand which is the right one for you Android or Apple?

1. Official versus Open Source OS

Apple owns its own proprietary operating system the iOS which certainly means codes are hidden from the users. Google’s Android on the other hand utilized this advantage and developed an Open Source OS which attracts a huge number of the application coders to switch to android.

2. Applications

Practically android is over hyped for its exclusiveness in apps but a survey says that most of the upcoming apps on the android market are already popular on the Apple’s App Store. Till date there are no Android app that has been transported to the Apple store because of its performance.

3. Hardware

Apple’s hardware is any day anybody’s favorite! But it comes at quite a high price than the Android models. Apple pays a very grave attention to design the hardware with sheer class and finesse which technically is too out of the budget for the commoners.

4. App Developers

The app developers face a hard time in getting their intelligence portrayed on the Apple’s App store. On the other hand Google has given them the opportunity to upload as many apps as they wish on the Android Play store. Hence there is a huge scope for the better development of the Android market.

Google Nexus 5 vs Apple iPhone 5s

Google Nexus 5 vs Apple iPhone 5s


Considering the above crucial points it is clear that on the war between Android and Apple, The Android stands a three out of four and is definitely the mighty one. Android is exactly the right one for you no matter whichever brand of smart phone you choose from the huge range available.

5 Ways To Survive After A Divorce

Dealing with a divorce can be troublesome and also painful. Not only people will have to deal with the broken heart, they will also have to deal with all the fuss and the complication that is happening after the divorce is finalized. They may have to deal with the property deal, kids’ custody, and so many things about it. Even when the divorce happens in good and peaceful way, people still have to deal with all those difficult times.

Different Ways to Survive

Divorce doesn’t mean the end of the world. For some people, it may be the end of their world, but it won’t change anything. The process may be difficult and painful, but there are several ways that they can do to deal with it and then move on. Only by doing these, they can survive and finally find the peace they have been searching for. For a starter, people can start doing things that they have always wanted. For instance, if they have wanted to go back to school again, they can start doing it. No one will obstruct their way and they do need this way to forget the pain of the divorce. After all, who says that people have to wallow in their own despair and sadness after the divorce? They can still have fun and grow the positive aspect of themselves – if they allow themselves to do so.

Getting Through a Divorce - How to Survive the Five Stages of 'EX'

Getting Through a Divorce – How to Survive the Five Stages of ‘EX’

Traveling around

Another way that people can try to heal their broken heart and the scar from the divorce is through traveling. Going to different places – especially to places that they have never been to before – will provide great insight and refreshment for them. They should consider going to places that they want to, without remembering the past. For example, if they have previously traveled to that place with their ex, then they should avoid going there – at least for the early stage of their divorce settlement.

Changing the Appearance

People can also consider about having a change of appearance. It is normal when they have drastic appearance change – cutting off the hair or coloring the hair – or they buy new stuffs. According to studies, shopping is another method of self healing. When people are stressed out, they unconsciously going shopping as a way to make themselves feel relieved and feel better. As long as people manage to control their spending and not being uncontrollable, they can use the shopping method as a way to heal the scar.

Divorce Advice: 5 Ways To Survive A Split

Divorce Advice: 5 Ways To Survive A Split

Getting the Support

It is common when people feel a bit clingy to their family after the divorce happens. After all, where else should they turn to in the time of upset and sadness? They can always talk about their feelings and what they think about the new turn of their lives. Talking out will provide great help and relieve. But when talking to close friends or families doesn’t help at all after a certain span of time, they should find professional help.

Pampering Themselves

Pampering themselves can really help to survive through the divorce. After all, people don’t have to constantly be worried about their financial condition anymore. Buy the things they want and don’t think about the spending. For once in their lives, they can forget about it and just focus on themselves. It will certainly help during the healing process and they can just have fun.

These methods should help although they may seem unimportant and very simple. People don’t need to fuss about everything; especially about the painful stuffs hey have to deal with their personal life.

Tips to Deal With Work Related Stress


Stress in the workplace results from fatigue and emotional torment of insufficiency and pressure. If you are caught in a situation like this, you have to find ways to up-ease yourself. Stress can easily disappear if you know to manage it properly.

How to cope with stressful economic climate?

Recession is stressful to bosses and workers alike. Emotional instability is caused by worrying about your present career and your future, as well.

Fourteen Tips for Managing Work-related Stress

Fourteen Tips for Managing Work-related Stress

Here are tips to keep from being bothered by workplace stress:

  • Improve your emotional well-being. This means get a positive outlook and be revamped.

  • Smile and laugh a lot.

  • Learn good communication with your co-workers.

Warning signs of stress

How do you know that you are in the verge of falling into stress? The most common red flags are:

  • Loss of interest at work and unable to concentrate.

  • Depression and anxiousness.

  • Fatigue and muscle tension.

  • Social detachment.

  • Stomach problems.

  • Loss of sex.

What are the causes of stress in the workplace?

There are some people who feel so stressed at work. Here are some reasons why:

  • Fear of losing their job.

  • Over-worked.

  • Pressure to perform well.

  • Pressure to climb the corporate ladder.

5 Tips for Managing Job-Related Stress

5 Tips for Managing Job-Related Stress

How do you reduce stress?

It is easy to cut off stress. You can use these ideas to make your workplace less stressful to you:

  • Exercise. It releases happy hormone.

  • Choose fruit, veggies and lean meat. Less fat diet makes you feel lighter.

  • Sleep well.

How to organize your work to avoid stress?

Learn how to prioritize and organize your work. This will make you more efficient in doing your job.

Here are the ways on how to minimize stress in the office:

  • Create orderly schedule.

  • Limit yourself to the number of task that you can finish within a day. Delegate other job to others and do compromise.

  • Come to the office early to have time to relax before going about your errands.

  • Have a short break every three hours. The brain can efficiently work for only three hours straight. Beyond that, you will feel very tired.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is the ability of one person in managing stress and transforming negative feedback to positive. It is composed of self-awareness, social-awareness, self and relationship management. Developing humor is one of the gauges of emotional intelligence.

How do employers reduce stress?

You see your boss whistle his way to his office and you wonder how he seems unaffected by pressure. Here are few tricks on keep yourself in control:

  • Develop the right communication skills so that people under you can understand your instruction, prioritize your orders and function well.

  • Ask new ideas to your employees.

  • Maintain friendly and light social atmosphere.

Is stress getting into your veins? Being friendly and positive shuns it away. Emotional intelligence is the answer to combat stress.

Looking Richer Without Being Poorer!

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but let’s be honest, we all do it. Fear not, it’s actually pretty easy to be chic on the cheap. Quality can still be found for less and there are definitely more than a few ways to do it. With these smart tips, you too can at least seem to be living higher on life without being harder on the bank account.

Clothes Don’t Have To Be Retail

Let’s start by considering your wardrobe. If you’re buying everything retail, you are way off. There’s nothing wrong with buying some key pieces retail for a special occasion, but it’s absolutely not necessary. Second hand clothing shops often have new or nearly new pieces that cover nearly everything from your head to toes. You might be surprised how many shops even specialize in trends and name brands for a fraction of the price.

Billionaires Are Getting Richer, While Millionaires Are Getting Poorer

Billionaires Are Getting Richer, While Millionaires Are Getting Poorer

Off Brand Can Still Be Quality

Have you shunned products because they cost less thinking they were less quality? That is so not even close to being right. Many discount retail stores offer store brands that have the exact same ingredients as the name brands. If you’re not certain, check them out side by side. If you don’t want that store brand screaming at you at home, buy the name brand once then keep refilling it with the store brand. No one will be the wiser.

The Latest in Technology Is Pricey

Yes, everyone wants the latest in technology and the newest gadget on the market. Make sure to check out reviews. That in itself could save bundles. The latest doesn’t necessarily mean the greatest. Most of the time, last year’s model looks remarkably similar to the newest one anyway.

Look Out For the Deals

For every season there come certain deals. Be in the know about store sales cycles. For every month and every holiday and post holiday bring major bargains. Shop smart at the right time and you could save big. Hey, I bet you didn’t know March was frozen food month. Think about what else you don’t know. Even major phone, internet and television companies offer regular promotions.

Income inequality: Rich got richer, poor got poorer after US recession

Income inequality: Rich got richer, poor got poorer after US recession

The Internet Can Be Your Friend

Remember that these days; the Internet can be one of your best assets. From store circulars found online, comparison shopping is made easy plus you can find sales and coupons. Check out what stores double or triple your coupons. Also check consumer to consumer websites that often promote bidding on items. Many people sell items they just don’t want or need that they were gifted or just can’t return to the store and resell them for a fraction of the price. You can even find videos of how to’s to avoid pricey repair men and inventive ways of re-purposing items you would never think of yourself.

With the American economy being as it is, it’s even more important for most of us to be on a budget. Be weary not to be taken on a ride with the first thing that catches your eye and resist the urge to impulse buy. You can keep up with the Jones’s without spending what they do. Remember that not everyone was born with a silver spoon, but most of us want to look like we did.

5 Ingredients Every Great Business Plan Needs

There is a wrong notion among people that the business plans are only for the large established companies and small businesses only needs funding. In reality, however, each and every business requires a business plan or ‘blueprint’ for the benefit of the potential investors and for the people who are already working in the company. When a business plan is in place the employees get a clear idea of the direction of the business and whether it is really committed to any specific plan. A good business plan must have certain essential ingredients that will make the business stand out from competition. Here are the 5 ingredients every great business plan needs.

1) A mission statement

Every business needs to declare in its statement the reason for its very existence and what it primarily aims to achieve. A good company website will have the essential elements of the mission statement in a section which is often titled as – About Us. It can only be a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs but the main goals should be clearly understood by the people by reading this section. It must also describe the company, its activities and the marketplace niche that it fills.

8 Ingredients Every App and Software Business Plan Needs

8 Ingredients Every App and Software Business Plan Needs

2) A management profile

In business it is very important to let the potential investors know that the entity is being steered by competent and experienced people. An outline of the organization structure and key details of the management team must be provided along with reasons why the staff is capable enough to achieve great heights with the company. The roles of the employees must be clearly defined and if it is a small company then one may include a few lines about each and every employee.

3) A financial strategy

The lenders and investors need a good idea about the financial aspect of the business. The business plan must include all essential elements like the present and projected balance sheet, the profit & loss account and a full analysis of the cash flow. It is very important that the calculations are all accurate to portray the right image of the business. There should not be any financial projections that will be very hard to achieve at the end of the financial year otherwise your company will be seen in a bad light.



4) Sales objectives

The sales objectives of the company should be clearly defined. It must state the intended market, the details of its size, the growth potential of the market and whether economic factors will play a role or not. Another crucial piece of information should be the competitor intelligence. You must name the five largest competitors and explain why you are better than the others. However, no weaknesses must be revealed.

5) An executive summary

It is very likely that potential lenders will only read the executive summary. It does not mean that they will never read the full business plan but a concise executive summary is actually more preferable. The summary should show the main highlights of the each section of the company’s business plan and give a clear understanding of its growth potential and the objectives that it aims to accomplish.