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Wed, March 5, 2008 : Last updated 19:06 hours

R&B queen �Lydia� reveals why she cried on seeing the emotional home-coming scene at the Suvarnabhumi airport last week.
  A happier place
Sometimes I have doubts about merit, karma, and...
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  Time to be prepping This is a perfect season for tutorial schools to...
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  The Mist
Director Frank Darabont ("Shawshank...
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 Revved up & ready to go
A female racer explains why she loves being behind...
 Money Tips
 Sound Bytes
Ouch, that hurts!
Dutchman Edwin Wiek offers hope to injured wildlife One of Britain's biggest animal-welfare groups has funded the first surgical clinic in Thailand built solely for wildlife.The World Society for the Protection of....
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A happier place
 Sometimes I have doubts about merit, karma, and reincarnation. I wonder if it's because of our past good deeds that led us to this Bud-dhism haven called Thailand, a land that thrives on fascist practices, simply....
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Take a step back in time with a trip to Coconut Island: it's 2km from Phuket
New York Experience
Chiang Mai student tells of her involvement in recent global entrepreneurship competition
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Safe delivery
  In labour and afraid you won't make it to hospital in time? Don't worry, there just may be a traffic officer at hand to make sure your baby makes it safely

Spectacular sales and promotions from leading stores in and around Bangkok plus interesting trade fair activities

Big money pouring into Koh Samui
  Local infra-structure fails to keep pace with headlong tourist-industry growth
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Performance Silence on stage
  'Watching Babymime's performance is probably like watching cartoons. It's very easy to understand and fun.'
Taleban had eyes on harry
  Militant leader says terrorists knew the British Royal was in Afghanistan
Your Views
  Recover energy from plastic. There is a global trend to ban plastic bags. Unfortunately, this may be unwittingly creating even more problems.
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See Kostner in a crunch
  Norbert Kostner pulled off a banquet for 400 royal guests with aplomb - but never again, says the Oriental's top chef
Thaksin's family
  Lydia clarifies her relationship with the former prime minister
Hit or miss
  After a 11-month break and marriage to a beauty queen, the former World No 9 is set to pick up the racquet again

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